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All About Getting into Powerlifting

SO YOU’RE GETTING INTO POWERLIFTING // For someone first getting into powerlifting, there are many ways to start. Regardless of the particulars though, my advice is the same—keep it simple, make a plan, and commit to it from start to finish. FOR THOSE GETTING INTO POWERLIFTING All workouts, meal preparation, sleep count, and water intake should be logged and kept in consideration since all three are factors that affect an athlete’s performance. If you don’t have much time though, I would suggest at least logging your workout. Moreover, scheduling your training days is an important and vital step to staying committed to your training program. But most importantly for accountability reasons, especially if you have a coach or training partners. Another helpful...

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How to Maintain Muscle When Losing Weight

WHAT DO ATHLETES AND SOCCER MOMS BOTH HAVE IN COMMON? // The desire to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable fashion. During any fat loss protocol, there is a risk for muscle loss. This is because muscle is your body’s fat burning machinery. And the more muscle you have, the better your metabolism will work, thus causing you to burn significantly more calories throughout your day. But the best fat loss protocols are designed to promote the largest amount of fat loss with the least amount of muscle loss. That doesn’t mean that you should strive to look like the Incredible Hulk though. You should instead concentrate on losing weight in a healthy manner while focusing on protecting the muscle quality...

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Combat Sports and Entertainment on a Collision Course

IT’S TIME FOR SOME REAL MONEY // People have enjoyed the collision of combat and entertainment for generations. Professional wrestling is a huge example, but one could make the same case for older traditions like bullfighting or even gladiators within the Roman Colosseum. In competitive, (real) professional sports, fighters and their sponsoring organizations make plenty of money, but seem to get stagnant over time. After all, how many die-hard fans can truly appreciate the art of combat in its purest form— two people fighting each other? Nowadays though, the fights with the most views have more entertainment value than just two people beating each other up. Lights and smoke. A captivating story of the two fighters leading up to the actual fight....

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